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Welcome to the Key Stage 4 video archive. Please be aware the video below does not have sound.

St Joseph’s Missionary Society, London

This Roman Catholic Missionary Society was founded at Mill Hill, London, in 1866 by Cardinal Herbert Alfred Vaughan (1832-1903). The priests are commonly known as The Mill Hill Fathers. They had foreign missions all over the world, many of them in Africa.

The priests were trained to use film cameras to document their work; this resulted in some very interesting and well-shot material. The films date from the 1920s and were used to publicise the work of The Missions. The wording of the subtitles are typical of this era. This particular excerpt is from a film called Mill Hill sheds light on the dark places of the Earth.

  • A Mill Hill Father holds a clinic for mothers and children in the open air
  • Four Roman Catholic nuns, dressed in white habits, attend to a ward full of sick African patients at Nsambya Hospital. (Nsambya, Kampala, Uganda, circa 1920)
  • Standing at either end of a wooden table covered with bottles, two European Roman Catholic nuns conduct an outpatients’ clinic for African women and children. One by one, girls approach the first nun, kneeling and exchanging a few words before moving to the other nun who examines them briefly, and applies or distributes medicine in various forms. (Nsambya, Kampala, Uganda, circa 1920)